​                                         ​​    Bunnies Are a Lot Like You and Me

Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review

“This marvelous storybook teaches kids that animals are living beings with feelings. It shows them how to understand the moods of their pets, to respect them, and give them the love and care they need. Graham’s story is perfect for small children who live in a house where there are, or will be, pets. Showing children how their pets are just like them is an important first step for raising responsible young animal companions. Graham shares this important lesson in an amusing, interesting and informative story that’s perfect for storytime, especially if a new animal is going to be introduced into the household. Bunnies Are a Lot Like You and Me is highly recommended.”

​​Washington Family MagazineOctober 2016 

"Overall, I enjoyed the story, and love that it teaches children to respect animals and be aware they are living things with many similar characteristics to their own bodies and minds.  If you are considering adding a pet to your home, especially a bunny, this would be a great book to read with your young children.  However, any animal-loving child would enjoy this book and take away valuable lessons."  Christy Petrak   http://digitaledition.washingtonfamily.com/#folio=24

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